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The Sky's the Limit!

We've made some awesome updates to our ReSource CVR (Contents Valuation Report)! One of the biggest changes is the ability to easily apply and track limits. read full article

Ask and You Shall Receive!

Recently we were asked if it was possible to make the Adjuster Review lines stand out a little better on our Contents Valuation Report (CVR - the format in which the evaluations are returned to you). read full article

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

At ReSource we spend our days talking about peoples most valued items and what happened to them to result in an insurance claim. Although we enjoy hearing about the items other people cherish... read full article

Brain Teasers...Test Your Mental Sharpness

Brain Teasers...Test Your Mental Sharpness. Answer the following questions without peeking at the answers! read full article

Replacing Air... Jordan's that is

Michael Jordan is the man who single handedly changed the face of basketball. He is a passionate, strong, smart and determined competitor that took the floor for 14 years... read full article

My Buttons Don't Work!

We come across the question now and again about the error message regarding disabled macros in excel. This error message can be incredibly frustrating as it disables the use of all buttons on the spreadsheet... read full article

Golf - Getting in the Swing of Things

Over the last 10 years the game of golf has evolved from a favorite pastime to a highly competitive and recognized sport. read full article

The Best Gifts of 2011...

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." read full article

What is a diamond?

Before we delve too deep into all the various aspects of diamonds (the four C's, how they are measured, how we chose replacements, etc.), I thought we should start out with a little bit of history. read full article

Television Measurements and Aspect Ratios

Determining the correct replacement television on a claim can be an adventure in itself. There are many aspects to consider when speaking to an insured about their television. read full article