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How to – Enabling macros in Excel 2003

We come across the question now and again about the error message regarding disabled macros in excel. This error message can be incredibly frustrating as it disables the use of all buttons on the spreadsheet, like “Hide unused lines” – which is my personal favorite!

A macro is a set of instructions that is represented in an abbreviated format. For example, to “Hide unused lines” without the grey macro button, you would select all lines you no longer wanted shown and then right click and select “hide”. Having a macro button takes out the middle steps and allows for an easier and more efficient workflow, which of course is what ReSource is all about!

So, here are some error messages you may have seen (this how-to uses Excel 2003 but we are familiar with other versions as well):

And here is a step by step solution for you!

  1. Click Ok to the initial warning – we have to change the settings
  2. On the top toolbar select Tools > Macro > Security
  3. A pop up box will appear that gives you varying levels of security along with descriptions of each. We recommend that you set this to Medium which will give you the option to enable or disable macros right when you open the spreadsheet.

Close out of the spreadsheet and reopen it (this has to be done in order for the settings to take effect). The first thing you will see is a security warning which asks if you would like to Enable or Disable macros. Chose to Enable.

You are now all set and the buttons on the evaluation should work! Of course most of us have probably grown into more of a love/hate relationship with our computers because there are always more problems and questions that come up. If you have any questions about macros or any other issues with the finished evaluation, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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