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Golf - Getting in the Swing of Things

The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can't see him laughing.
            ~ Phyllis Diller

Over the last 10 years the game of golf has evolved from a favorite pastime to a highly competitive and recognized sport. In the past fans may have watched rounds of golf on Sunday afternoons or seen amazing shots on ESPN’s top 10, but golf tournaments are now shown on prime time TV!

For avid golfers, one of the focal points of these tournaments is the new equipment being used by the pros. Golf equipment, like technology, is constantly changing and improving. With all of the advancements in materials and technology, a golf store can seem more like a science lab than anything else! With a few simple measurements you can have the perfect arsenal in your bag. Graphite shafts, hybrid irons, Scotty Cameron putters, drivers that weigh just over 10 ounces, this is not the same old golf equipment from the days when Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus walked the fairways!

This new and improved equipment can work wonders to improve your game, but what kind of equipment is right for you? There are 3 approaches to consider as a starting point when you are “choosing your weapon.” These range from standard to advanced, from basic to custom and from cheap to expensive; the task lies in finding the perfect balance for you!

Box Sets

Box sets are the most inexpensive pre-manufactured set of clubs you can purchase. They consist of the most commonly used clubs that are found in most complete golf sets. Since there isn’t as much concern for having the most up to date technology, cost on these sets is priced very reasonably, making it a great starting point for beginners or casual golfers. With box sets you literally get a box with just about everything you need to start playing golf, all of your basic clubs (generally all the same brand) and usually a bag as well.

Custom Selections

A custom/hand-built set is unique in the fact that all components of the clubs are selected by the golfer and then assembled in the shop. You choose the preferred heads, shafts and grips for your clubs, leaving you with a set consisting of only the components of your liking. There does not have to be any consistency to the clubs or manufacturers used since the golfer selects everything by hand. Although more expensive than a standard box set, custom selections save on cost by allowing the freedom to choose which components to save or splurge on and also by having a shop assemble the clubs as opposed to the manufacturer. These clubs give you the potential to step up your game but not at the expense of the premier brands. Of course, we use the word “potential” very loosely J 

Premier brands/clubs

Premier brands come directly from top manufacturers who utilize the most advanced technology available to create the most cutting edge, high end clubs on the market. With these clubs you will find industry leading materials such as graphite, titanium, and tungsten. They will be faster, lighter, and more expensive than any other clubs on the market but they also provide the most game enhancing potential. Technology from premier brands, such as Taylormade, Ping or Callaway, will eventually trickle down and make its way into most of the other brands. Premier brands will come fully assembled but can be customized by the golf store or manufacturer to fit your needs.

Whether you are in the trees or in the middle of the fairway, we know there is never a dull moment in your golf game. With the correct equipment you can stop leaving clubs unused in your bag, and start hitting the shots you see on prime time. If your game is gone, we can help get it back by finding the right clubs for you. Our product experts know what it takes to get the correct clubs selected to put you back on the course!