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What exactly do y'all do at ReSource

What is the million dollar question that makes each ReSource employee pause? "What do you do?" In hindsight, once you understand what we do, it doesn't seem that it should be difficult to explain. But when faced with those 4 little words, we each find ourselves reflecting for a moment.

So, here it is: ReSource is a service that handles insurance claim content evaluations and replacements. Did you get that?

The simplest way to describe it is that we replace items which have been lost, stolen or damaged on insurance claims. Say a house burns down; imagine just how many items are in a house! Instead of getting a depreciated check from the insurance company, we send out new product from the distributor or manufacturer directly to the insured. Insureds get to skip the hassle of paying out of pocket, receipt management and waiting for reimbursement. Adjusters get to close their claims faster. Everybody wins!

Of course we can’t (and don’t want to) replace ALL of the items on a claim. There are some things that are just better off in your own hands. I may wear a size 8 pants… but if anyone asks lets go with a 4 ;-) You can see the problem right away! It wouldn’t be worthwhile for us or for an insured to replace items like clothing, toiletries, furniture, food, etc. These items are too personal and taste oriented.

Entire content lists are evaluated for like kind and quality (LKQ) replacements in today’s market. This guarantees that the insured is getting an accurate allocation to replace the items either on their own or through ReSource. A 5 year old TV is not worth what it was when it was originally purchased. Our job is to compare the old TV with new models to determine LKQ today.  Items that we can replace include: jewelry, diamonds, silver, china, electronics (such as computers, TV’s, gaming units, DVD’s, CD’s, etc), sporting goods, tools, firearms, heavy machinery, lawn equipment and much more!

So you can see why “what do you do” may cause some hesitation on our end! The answer of “content evaluation and replacement” is short but in general, not very informative.

In the end, we are here to help, in whatever way we can. Making jobs and lives easier is what we’ve done for the past 21 years, and that’s just the way we like it!