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Houston...We DON'T have a problem!

We enjoy each opportunity to make an insured feel whole again. The best part about it is that we match the contents of each claim to the appropriate product specialist, so at the end of the day it’s really just two people sharing their favorite hobbies. For instance, if you walk by Bryan Bynum's desk when he has a firearm claim you would think he is just talking to one of his old hunting buddies.

Stephen Champagne recently handled a claim where the insured had all of their high-end camera equipment stolen. I know this sounds like something that we handle all of the time, but this claim needed extra special attention. The insured had been invited by NASA to attend the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis in Cape Canaveral, FL. The insured, a lifelong photographer, couldn’t imagine attending the event and not being able to capture the moment. Stephen, a photography enthusiast himself, understood just how important this was to his insured.

Stephen worked closely with the insured and delivered his replacement equipment within a matter of days. Everyone at ReSource was excited to have this opportunity to do what we do best! We were thrilled when the insured was generous enough to share some of the pictures he captured at the launch.

With the pictures, he also included these kind words:

Hi Steve:

Here's a few we looked at real quickly to send out as e-mails..........along with some critters we got at Merritt Island National Wildlife Reserve. You guys along with our adjuster got us up and running again and we're very grateful to not miss the chance to shoot the launch as a NASA guest.


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