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Meet the Garcias

My husband Mike and I both have the pleasure of working here at ReSource. We met over 11 years ago at work, and have never left each other's side. So you might ask, what do we do together in our free time? read full article

Texas Bluebonnets

Springtime in Texas brings a variety of elements to the state; thunder storms, crazy winds, temperatures all over the spectrum of hot and cold, and of course, bluebonnets! read full article

Wheeling with the Brown's: Canyon's Offroad Park

In pursuit of following the Fun Side of ReSource, our blog comes back around to the Brown's, a husband and wife combination working here at ReSource and their off road adventures. read full article

Go Pirates!

Ok, I know that you must be thinking, "Wait, isn't ReSource in Texas? Why is she cheering for Pittsburgh?" read full article

ReSource Ropes Course

In the office, we are constantly researching innovative ways to improve customer service. When the idea of a ropes course was presented we thought, why not? read full article

ReSource and Mardi Gras

Here at ReSource we truly enjoy being a part of the community. From participating in charities like Toys for Tots, helping out at the local women's shelter, or participating in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure... read full article

What do the Brown's do for fun?

If you didn't already know, ReSource is a company that resembles more of a tight knit family than Corporate America on any given day. read full article

Welcome to the Fun Side of ReSource!

Welcome to our new blog site! Please get comfortable, kick your shoes off for a while, and sit a spell. "The Fun Side of ReSource" is going to be just that, FUN! You are probably wondering what this is all about, huh? read full article